Emulator Pack



Last Update: 2019-05-01


Contents: (for Windows 64-bit)

  • All-in-One (Multi-System)
    • higan v106
  • Microsoft: Xbox 360
    • Xenia v1.0.1819
  • Nintendo: 3DS
    • Citra Nightly #1260
  • Nintendo: 64
    • 1964 - Carnivorous Edition (2019-04-15)
    • m64p (2018-12-18)
    • Project64 v2.4.0-961 [WIP]
  • Nintendo: DS
    • DeSmuME v0.9.12 [WIP] (2019-04-24)
    • melonDS v0.7.4
  • Nintendo: Game Boy (Color + Advance)
    • BGB v1.5.7
    • mGBA v0.8 [WIP] (r5580)
    • SameBoy v0.11.2
    • TGB Dual v8.3.1
    • VBA v1.8.0
    • VBA-Link v1.8.0
    • VBA-M [older] (r1229)
    • VBA-M v2.1.3
  • Nintendo: Gamecube + Wii
    • Dolphin v5.0
    • Dolphin v5.0 [WIP] (r10108)
  • Nintendo: NES + FDS
    • Mesen v0.9.7
    • Nestopia v1.49 (UE)
    • puNES v0.104
  • Nintendo: SNES
    • bsnes v107.3 (HD Mode 7 b4)
    • Snes9x v1.60
    • ZSNES v1.51 (FuSoYa-8MB_R2)
    • ZSNES v1.52 [WIP] (r4538)
  • Nintendo: Virtual Boy
    • VBjin (r103)
    • VBjin-OVR v3.0
  • Nintendo: Wii U
    • Cemu v1.15.5c
  • Sega: Dreamcast
    • DEmul v0.7 [WIP] (2018-04-28)
    • NullDC v1.0.4 (r389)
    • Redream v1.3.1
  • Sega: Genesis (Mega Drive)
    • BlastEm v0.6.2
    • Regen v0.972D
  • Sega: Genesis + 32X + CD + MS + GG
    • Kega Fusion v3.63
    • Kega Fusion v3.64
    • Kega Fusion v3.64 (xBRZ)
  • Sega: Saturn
    • Kronos v1.6.0
    • SSF v0.12-beta-r4
    • YabaSanshiro v2.3.1
  • Sony: Playstation
    • PCSXR-PGXP (2019-03-07)
  • Sony: Playstation 2
    • PCSX2 v1.5.0 [WIP] (r3113)
  • Sony: Playstation 3
    • RPCS3 v0.0.6 (r8043)
  • Sony: Playstation Portable
    • PPSSPP v1.8.0







Last Update: 2019-05-10



RetroArch is a front end able to run numerous cores, which are basically emulators. Features include savestates, fast forward, rewind as well as audio enhancement options, video shaders and net play. It is also couch friendly, meaning you can manage everything anytime with a controller.




ROM Hacks


ROM Hack Collection



Last Update: 2019-02-19



Compilation of ROM Hacks for all kinds of emulated systems, distributed primarily as patches. No ROM files.


Contents: (for Windows 64-bit)

  • Tools
    • beat v01
    • Delta Patcher v2.0.1
    • Floating IPS (Flips) v1.31
    • Lunar IPS v1.02
    • Ninja Patcher v2.0
    • PPF-O-Matic v3.0
    • TUSH v1.1.1
    • Python v3.7.2
  • Nintendo: 64
    • Chameleon Twist -- Japan to Europe (Translation)
    • GoldenEye 007 -- Spectrum Emulation Unlocked
    • Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask -- Gamecube to N64 [v1.4]
    • Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask -- Randomizer (2019-02-14)
    • Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask -- Razor Sword Improvement
    • Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time -- Better OoT [v3.0.1]
    • Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time -- Nimpize Adventure
    • Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time -- Petrie's Challenge
    • Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time -- Randomizer [v4.0.0]
    • Perfect Dark -- GoldenEye X [v5e]
  • Nintendo: DS
    • Dawn of Sorrow -- Fixed Luck
    • Dawn of Sorrow -- No Required Touch Screen
    • Harvest Moon DS -- Claire & Jill Version
    • Legend of Zelda, The - Phantom Hourglass -- D-Pad Controls
    • Legend of Zelda, The - Spirit Tracks -- D-Pad Controls [v1.01]
    • Yoshi's Island DS -- Music Hack [v3]
  • Nintendo: FDS
    • All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. -- English Translation
    • Legend of Zelda 2, The - Link no Bouken -- English Translation [v2.33]
    • Metroid -- English Translation [v1.1]
    • Metroid -- German Translation
    • Zelda no Densetsu - The Hyrule Fantasy -- English Translation [v1.1]
  • Nintendo: Game Boy
    • Donkey Kong Land 2 -- 3DS VC Safety Feature
    • Donkey Kong Land 2 -- Keep Banana Coins
    • Donkey Kong Land 2 -- Unused Music Hack
    • Kid Dracula -- Restoration
    • Pokémon - Blue Version -- Pokémon Green [v2.3]
    • Super Mario Land -- Colour
    • Super Mario Land 2 - Six Golden Coins -- DX
    • Wario Land II -- 5-2 Wall Fix [v1.1]
    • Wario Land II -- Enhanced Graphics [v1.1.7]
    • Wario Land II -- Uncensored
  • Nintendo: Game Boy Color
    • Donkey Kong Land III -- Color Palette Hack [v1.2]
    • Donkey Kong Land III -- English Translation [v1.2]
    • Donkey Kong Land III -- Keep Bear Coins
    • Pokémon - Crystal Version -- Crystal Clear [v2.0-beta] (2018-10-15)
    • Shantae -- Dance Floor Fix
    • Shantae -- GBA Enhanced Mode
    • Shantae -- GBC Palettes
  • Nintendo: Game Boy Advance
    • Blackthorne -- Palette Restoration
    • Breath of Fire -- Color Restoration [v0.9]
    • Breath of Fire -- Sound Restoration [v1.0]
    • Breath of Fire II -- Sound Restoration [v1.0a]
    • Donkey Kong Country -- Palette Restoration [v1.1]
    • Final Fantasy IV -- Bug Fixes by Deathlike2 [v1.0a]
    • Final Fantasy IV -- Sound Restoration [v1.3]
    • Final Fantasy IV -- Stripper Restoration [v1.0]
    • Final Fantasy V -- Sound Restoration [v3.0]
    • Final Fantasy VI -- Sound Restoration [v2.1]
    • Final Fight One -- Arcade Remix [v1.1]
    • Final Fight One -- Color Restoration [v0.1]
    • Legend of Zelda, The - The Minish Cap -- European Backport Edition
    • Magical Vacation -- English Translation [v1.0]
    • Mega Man Zero -- Restoration
    • Mega Man Zero 2 -- Restoration
    • Mega Man Zero 3 -- Restoration
    • Mega Man Zero 4 -- Restoration
    • Pokémon - FireRed Version -- Dragon Ball Z Team Training [v7]
    • Super Mario World -- Color Restoration (2016-06-26)
    • Super Mario World - Super Mario Advance 2 -- Color Restoration [v0.91]
    • Yoshi's Island - Super Mario Advance 3 -- Colour Restoration [v2.0]
  • Nintendo: Gamecube
    • Asterix & Obelix XXL -- PAL 60Hz Patch
    • Doshin The Giant -- PAL 60Hz Patch
    • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles -- PAL 60Hz Patch
    • Luigi's Mansion -- PAL 60Hz Patch
    • Mario Golf Toadstool Tour -- PAL 60Hz Patch
    • Mario Party 4 -- PAL 60Hz Patch
    • Mario Party 5 -- PAL 60Hz Patch
    • Mario Party 6 -- PAL 60Hz Patch
    • Mario Party 7 -- PAL 60Hz Patch
    • Mega Man Anniversary Collection -- Button Swap
    • Paper Mario - The Thousand-Year Door+ [v.3.1]
    • Pikmin -- PAL 60Hz Patch
    • Skies of Arcadia - Legends -- Maeson [v1.49a]
    • Skies of Arcadia - Legends -- PAL 60Hz Patch
  • Nintendo: NES
    • Castlevania II -- SRAM Hack
    • Legend of Zelda, The -- DX
    • Legend of Zelda, The -- FDS Font
    • Legend of Zelda, The -- Legend of Banjo [v3.3]
    • Mega Man 2 -- Randomizer [v0.4.0]
    • Metroid -- Deluxe Reduxe
    • Super Mario Bros. -- DX [v3.4]
    • Super Mario Bros. -- Super Bill Kill [v2]
    • Super Mario Bros. -- Two Players Hack [v1.0]
    • Super Mario Bros. 3 -- Super Mario All-Stars NES (2017-10-15)
    • Zelda II - The Adventure of Link -- Z2Randomizer [v3.13]
  • Nintendo: SNES
    • Chrono Trigger -- German Translation [v2.00-rc.1]
    • Contra III - The Alien Wars -- Restoration
    • Donkey Kong Country -- Boss Blitz [v1.5]
    • Donkey Kong Country -- Donkey Kong Distortion Country (DKCD)
    • Donkey Kong Country -- Expert Edition
    • Donkey Kong Country -- The Kremling's Revenge
    • Donkey Kong Country -- The Kremling's Revenge Remodel [v1.1]
    • Donkey Kong Country 2 -- Brigand Barrage [v1.4]
    • Donkey Kong Country 2 -- Hard As Kongcrete [v2.0.1]
    • Donkey Kong Country 3 -- Tag Team Trouble [v1.1]
    • Dragon Ball Z - Super Butouden -- All Characters Unlocked [v1.0]
    • Dragon Ball Z - Super Butouden 2 -- All Characters Unlocked [v1.0]
    • Dragon Ball Z - Super Butouden 3 -- All Characters Unlocked [v1.0]
    • E.V.O. - Search for Eden -- Fixes
    • Final Fight -- Arcade Remix [v1.1]
    • Final Fight 3 -- Restoration
    • Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past -- A Swear To The Pvst [v1.0]
    • Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past -- Conker's High Rule Tail [v1.2.7b]
    • Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past -- Parallel Worlds [v1.23]
    • Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past -- Redux [v8.1]
    • Lufia & the Fortress of Doom -- Decensor
    • Lufia & the Fortress of Doom -- Fast Walker [v2.00]
    • Lufia & the Fortress of Doom -- German Translation
    • Lufia & the Fortress of Doom -- Restored [v2.4.1]
    • Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals -- Age of the Sinistrals [v7]
    • Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals -- Fixxxer Deluxe
    • Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals -- Frue Lufia [v3.0]
    • Mega Man 7 -- Restoration
    • Mortal Kombat -- Blood Color Fix
    • Mortal Kombat 2 -- Fixes
    • Mortal Kombat 2 -- Hidden Characters Playable [v1.02a]
    • Mortal Kombat 3 -- Redux [v1.0]
    • Prince of Persia -- Restoration
    • Secret of Evermore -- 2 Player Edition [v1.02]
    • Secret of Mana -- Ancient Cave [v0.99996]
    • Secret of Mana -- Hard Secret of Mana [v1.02]
    • Secret of Mana -- No Magic Challenge [v0.2]
    • Seiken Densetsu 3 -- 3 Players
    • Seiken Densetsu 3 -- English Translation [v1.01]
    • Seiken Densetsu 3 -- German Translation [v2.03]
    • Super Bomberman 4 -- English Translation
    • Super Castlevania IV -- Uncensored [v1.1]
    • Super Mario World -- Super Mario Bros. - The Lost Levels Deluxe
    • Super Mario World -- Super Mario Bros. Deluxe [v1.2]
    • Super Metroid -- Randomizer [v21]
    • Tales of Phantasia -- English Translation [v1.2]
    • Terranigma -- Boss Rush [v0.4]
    • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 -- Redux [v1.1]
    • Undercover Cops -- English Translation [v1.0]
  • Sega: Genesis (Mega Drive)
    • Contra - Hard Corps (Probotector) -- Japanese Hit Points
    • Streets of Rage 2 -- Restoration
    • Streets of Rage 3 -- Fight 'n Rage 3 [v1.1]
    • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 -- Arcade Hack [v0.6]
    • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 -- Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy [v23]
  • Sony: Playstation
    • Dino Crisis -- Control Modification [v0.1]
    • Legend of Mana -- Combat Redux [v1.2]
    • Mega Man X3 -- EUR to USA
    • Mega Man X5 -- Improvement Project [v0.1.1]
    • Mega Man X6 -- Tweaks Patcher [v15]
    • Resident Evil Survivor -- Light Gun Support
    • Strider 1 & 2 -- Restoration
  • Sony: Playstation 2
    • Art of Fighting Anthology -- Enable Extra Characters [v0.5]




Contra – Hard Corps -- Easy Patches



Last Update: 2019-03-03



v1.1.0 (2019-03-03)
Patches for European Probotector.


v1.0.1 (2019-03-03)
Improved file size.



The Japanese version of the game is easier as it features a hit point system and unlimited continues. MrNemesis created ROM hacks, which bring the hit point system to the US and European release of the game, but without infinite continues. Thus optional patches for enabling these have been added, permanently locking the continues counter at 6. Due to the needed checksum correction, only one IPS patch should be applied to the ROM. Probotector (the European version of Contra – Hard Corps) is supported.




Secret of Evermore – Bugfix Pack



Last Update: 2018-04-13



A collection of bugfixes for all official SNES versions of Secret of Evermore, all made by Assassin. NTSC patch options, Tools for patching and removing headers, as well as the source are all included.




Super Mario World – SA-1 Patch



Last Update: 2019-05-01



Patch for making the USA ROM of Super Mario World utilize the SA-1 chip. This conversion is made by Vitor Vilela. Say goodbye to slowdowns and enjoy decreased loading times. Source and tools for patching as well as removing headers are included.




Texture Packs


OoT Reloaded

(click on image to see more)


Last Update: 2019-02-27



EvilGames presents: Ocarina of Time Reloaded. An all new texture pack with next to no exclusive textures, mostly based on foreign texture packs. Due to the high number of high resolution textures, the texture pack alone will need ~2GB RAM. Depending on the emulator, you might need up to ~2.5GB of free memory.


OoT Reloaded only runs with GlideN64. Recommended build is the one from Dec 2018, as this is the last version before introducing glitches with the Skybox. The recommended versions of m64p and Project64 bundled with the recommended GlideN64 version are part of the Emulator Pack.







OoT Reloaded is based on:






Last Update: 2018-10-15



v2.1.2 (2018-10-15)
Removed old patch versions and improved batch processing.


v2.1.1 (2018-10-09)
Corrected typos and decreased file size.


v2.1.0 (2018-07-25)
Added missing games and updated the table.


v2.0.0 (2018-04-13)
Dedicated patch for every single PAL game.



IPS patches for converting headerless PAL ROMs to NTSC region for 60Hz awesomness or for running PAL games on the SNES Mini. The naming scheme used for the patches is based on the No-Intro Set of 2016 with updates up to 2018.



Due to possible issues like game breaking glitches, speed differences and music desyncs, one should avoid NTSC patching and use a native NTSC version instead. Patch only when needed (SNES Mini) or when regional differences justify it.


The table below is no longer needed for patching since v2.0.0. If the game's name is in red, the game is unplayable due to critical glitches. 60Hz indicates a European ROM already running in NTSC, so it needs no patching.



Game NameBankRegion Lock
90 Minutes – European Prime GoalLoROMYes
Aaahh!!! Real MonstersLoROMNo
ACME Animation FactoryLoROMNo
ActRaiser 2HiROMYes
Addams Family ValuesLoROMNo
Addams Family, TheLoROMNo
Addams Family, The – Pugsley's Scavenger HuntLoROMNo
Adventures of Batman & Robin, TheLoROMYes
Adventures of Dr. Franken, TheLoROMYes
Adventures of Mighty Max, TheLoROMYes
Aero the Acro-BatLoROMNo
Aero the Acro-Bat 2LoROMNo
Aguri Suzuki F-1 Super DrivingLoROMNo
Air CavalryLoROMNo
Al Unser Jr.'s Road to the TopLoROMNo
Alfred ChickenLoROMNo
Alien 3LoROMNo
Alien vs PredatorLoROMNo
All-American Championship FootballLoROMNo
American Tail, An – Fievel Goes WestHiROMNo
Another WorldLoROMNo
Apocalypse II (Proto)LoROMNo
Arcade's Greatest Hits – The Atari Collection 1LoROMNo
Archer Maclean's Super DropzoneLoROMNo
Ardy LightfootLoROMNo
Arkanoid – Doh It AgainLoROMNo
Art of FightingHiROMYes
Asterix & ObelixLoROMYes
Barkley Shut Up and Jam!LoROMNo
Bass Masters Classic – Pro EditionLoROMNo
Batman ForeverHiROMNo
Batman ReturnsLoROMYes
Battle ClashLoROMNo
Battletoads in BattlemaniacsLoROMNo
Battletoads-Double DragonLoROMNo
Beauty and the BeastLoROMNo
Beavis and Butt-HeadLoROMNo
Beethoven – The Ultimate Canine Caper!LoROMNo
Best of the Best – Championship KarateLoROMNo
Big Sky TrooperLoROMNo
Biker Mice from MarsLoROMYes
Blazing SkiesLoROMNo
Blues Brothers, TheLoROMNo
Boogerman – A Pick and Flick AdventureHiROMNo
Boxing Legends of the RingLoROMNo
Brainies, TheLoROMNo
Bram Stoker's DraculaLoROMNo
Brawl Brothers – Rival Turf! 2LoROMNo
Breath of Fire IIHiROMNo
Brett Hull HockeyLoROMNo
Brutal – Paws of FuryLoROMNo
Bubsy in – Claws Encounters of the Furred KindLoROMNo
Bugs Bunny – Rabbit RampageLoROMNo
Bulls vs Blazers and the NBA PlayoffsLoROMNo
Cal Ripken Jr. BaseballLoROMNo
California Games IILoROMYes
Cannon FolderLoROMNo
Captain America and the AvengersLoROMNo
Captain CommandoHiROMNo
Carrier AcesLoROMNo
Castlevania – Vampire's KissLoROMYes
Champions – World Class SoccerLoROMNo
Championship PoolLoROMNo
Chaos Engine, TheHiROMNo
Chessmaster, TheLoROMNo
Choplifer IIILoROMNo
Chuck RockLoROMNo
Clay FighterHiROMYes
Clay Fighter 2 – Judgement ClayHiROMNo
Congo's CaperLoROMNo
Cool SpotLoROMNo
Cool WorldLoROMNo
Corn BusterLoROMNo
Cutthroat IslandLoROMNo
Daffy Duck – The Marvin MissionsLoROMNo
Darius TwinLoROMNo
David Crane's Amazing TennisLoROMNo
Daze Before ChristmasLoROMNo
Death and Return of Superman, TheLoROMNo
Demolition ManLoROMNo
Demon's CrestLoROMNo
Desert FighterLoROMNo
Desert Strike – Return to the GulfLoROMNo
Dino CityLoROMNo
Dino Dini's Soccer!LoROMNo
Dirt RacerLoROMYes
Dirt Trax FXLoROMNo
Donald in Maui MallardLoROMYes
Donkey Kong CountryHiROMYes
Donkey Kong Country 2HiROMYes
Donkey Kong Country 3HiROMYes
Dorque & Imp (Proto)LoROM60Hz
Double Dragon V – The Shadow FallsHiROMNo
Dragon – The Bruce Lee StoryHiROMYes
Dragon Ball Z – Super ButoudenLoROMNo
Dragon Ball Z – La Legende Saien
(Dragon Ball Z – Super Butouden 2)
Dragon Ball Z – Ultime Menace
(Dragon Ball Z – Super Butouden 3)
Dragon Ball Z – Hyper DimensionLoROMNo
Dragon's LairLoROMNo
Duel, The – Test Drive IILoROMNo
Dungeon MasterLoROMNo
Earth Defense ForceLoROMNo
Earthworm JimLoROMNo
Earthworm Jim 2LoROMNo
Eek! The CatLoROMYes
Eric Cantona Football ChallengeLoROMYes
ESPN Baseball TonightLoROMNo
Euro Football ChampLoROMNo
Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally + Speed RacerLoROMNo
Exhaust HeatLoROMNo
F1 Pole PositionLoROMNo
F1 Pole Position 2LoROMNo
F1 World Championship EditionLoROMNo
Family DogLoROMNo
Fatal FuryLoROMNo
Fatal Fury 2HiROMNo
Fatal Fury SpecialHiROMYes
Fever Pitch Soccer (Beta)LoROMNo
Fever Pitch SoccerLoROMYes
FIFA International SoccerLoROMNo
FIFA Soccer 96LoROMNo
FIFA – Road to World Cup 98LoROMNo
Final FightLoROMNo
Final Fight 2LoROMNo
Final Fight 3HiROMNo
Firemen, The (Beta)LoROM60Hz
Firemen, TheLoROMNo
First SamuraiLoROMNo
Flintstones, The (Beta)LoROMNo
Flintstones, TheLoROMYes
Flintstones, The – The Treasure of Sierra MadrockLoROMNo
Foreman for RealLoROMYes
Frank Thomas Big Hurt BaseballLoROMNo
Frantic FleaLoROMNo
Full Throttle – All-American RacingLoROMNo
Fun 'n GamesLoROMNo
Garry Kitchen's Super BattletankLoROMNo
George Foreman's KO BoxingLoROMNo
Ghoul PatrolLoROMNo
Goof TroopLoROMNo
Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie, TheHiROMNo
GunForce – Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island (Proto)LoROMNo
Hagane – The Final ConflictHiROMNo
HAL's Hole in One GolfLoROMNo
Harley's Humongous AdventureLoROMNo
Harvest MoonLoROMNo
Hebereke's PopoittoLoROMYes
Hebereke's PopoonLoROMYes
Home AloneLoROMNo
Home Alone 2 – Lost in New YorkLoROMNo
Humans, TheLoROMNo
Hungry DinosaursHiROMNo
Hunt for Red October, TheLoROMNo
Hyper V-BallLoROMNo
Illusion of TimeHiROMYes
Incredible Crash Dummies, TheLoROMNo
Incredible Hulk, TheLoROMNo
Indiana Jones' Greatest AdventuresLoROMNo
International Sensible Soccer – World Champions
(Limited Edition)
International Superstar SoccerLoROMYes
International Superstar Soccer DeluxeLoROMYes
International Tennis TourLoROMNo
Iron Commando (Proto)LoROMNo
Itchy & Scratchy Game, TheLoROMNo
Izzy's Quest for the Olympic RingsLoROMNo
J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings – Volume OneLoROMNo
Jack Nicklaus GolfLoROMNo
James Bond JrLoROMNo
James Pond's Crazy SportsLoROMNo
Jelly BoyLoROMNo
Jim Power – The Lost Dimension in 3D (Proto)LoROMNo
Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis TourLoROMNo
Joe & Mac – Caveman NinjaLoROMNo
Joe & Mac 3 – Lost in the Tropics (Beta)LoROMNo
Joe & Mac 3 – Lost in the TropicsLoROMYes
John Madden Football '93LoROMNo
Judge DreddLoROMNo
Jungle Book, TheLoROMNo
Jungle StrikeLoROMNo
Jurassic ParkLoROMNo
Jurassic Park Part 2 – The Chaos ContinuesLoROMNo
Justice League Task ForceLoROMNo
K.H. Rummenigge's Player ManagerLoROMYes
Kawasaki Superbike ChallengeLoROMNo
Kevin Keegan's Player ManagerLoROMYes
Kick OffLoROMNo
Kick Off 3 – European Challenge (Beta)LoROMNo
Kick Off 3 – European ChallengeLoROMYes
Kid Klown in Crazy ChaseLoROMYes
Killer InstinctHiROMNo
King Arthur's WorldLoROMNo
King of DragonsHiROMNo
King of the MonstersLoROMNo
Kirby's Dream CourseLoROMYes
Kirby's Fun PakLoROMYes
Kirby's Ghost TrapLoROMYes
Knights of the RoundLoROMNo
Krusty's Super Fun HouseLoROMNo
Lamborghini American ChallengeLoROMNo
Last Action HeroLoROMNo
Lawnmower Man, TheLoROMNo
Legend of the Mystical Ninja, TheLoROMNo
Legend of Zelda, The – A Link to the PastLoROMNo
Lemmings 2 – The TribesLoROMNo
Lethal EnforcersLoROMYes
Lethal WeaponLoROMNo
Lion King, TheHiROMNo
Little Magic (Proto)LoROMNo
Looney Tunes – Road RunnerLoROMNo
Looney Tunes BasketballLoROMNo
Lost Vikings, TheLoROMNo
Lost Vikings II, TheLoROMNo
Lothar Matthaeus Super SoccerLoROMYes
Lucky LukeLoROMYes
Lufia II – Rise of the Sinistrals
Madden NFL '94HiROMNo
Madden NFL 95HiROMNo
Magic BoyLoROMNo
Magic SwordLoROMNo
Magical Quest con Topolino, TheLoROMNo
Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, TheLoROMNo
Major TitleLoROMNo
Manchester United Championship Soccer (Beta)LoROMNo
Manchester United Championship SoccerLoROMYes
Mario Is Missing!LoROMNo
Mario PaintLoROMNo
Mario's Time MachineLoROMNo
Marko's Magic FootballLoROMYes
Marvel Super Heroes in War of the GemsHiROMNo
Mask, TheLoROMNo
MechWarrior 3050HiROMNo
Mega lo ManiaLoROMYes
Mega Man 7HiROMNo
Mega Man XLoROMNo
Mega Man X2LoROMNo
Mega Man X3LoROMNo
Metal Combat – Falcon's RevengeLoROMNo
Metal MarinesLoROMYes
Michael Jordan – Chaos in the Windy CityHiROMNo
Mickey ManiaLoROMNo
Micro MachinesLoROMNo
Micro Machines 2 – Turbo TournamentLoROMNo
Might and Magic IILoROMNo
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – The Fighting EditionLoROMNo
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – The MovieLoROMNo
Mohawk & Headphone JackLoROMNo
Mortal KombatLoROMNo
Mortal Kombat IIHiROMNo
Mortal Kombat 3HiROMNo
Mr. Do!LoROMNo
Mr. NutzLoROMNo
Mr. Tuff (Proto)LoROMNo
Ms. Pac-ManLoROMNo
Mystic Quest LegendLoROMNo
NBA All-Star ChallengeLoROMNo
NBA Give 'n GoLoROMYes
NBA Hang TimeLoROMYes
NBA Jam – Tournament EditionLoROMNo
NBA Live 95LoROMNo
NBA Live 96LoROMNo
NBA Live 97LoROMNo
Newman Haas IndyCar featuring Nigel MansellLoROMNo
NFL FootballLoROMNo
NFL Quarterback ClubLoROMNo
NFL Quarterback Club 96LoROMNo
NHL Hockey '94LoROMNo
NHLPA Hockey 93LoROMNo
Nigel Mansell's World Championship RacingLoROMYes
Nightmare Busters (Proto)LoROMNo
Ninjawarriors – The New GenerationLoROMNo
Nintendo Scope 6LoROMNo
Olympic Summer GamesHiROMNo
On the BallLoROMNo
Operation Logic Bomb – The Ultimate Search & DestroyLoROMNo
Operation Starfi5h
(James Pond 3: Operation Starfish)
Pac-In-Time (Beta)LoROMNo
Pac-Man 2 – The New AdventuresLoROMYes
Pagemaster, TheLoROMNo
Paperboy 2LoROMNo
PGA European TourLoROMNo
PGA Tour 96LoROMNo
PGA Tour GolfLoROMNo
Phantom 2040LoROMNo
Pierre le Chef Is... Out to LunchLoROMNo
Pinball Dreams (Beta)LoROM60Hz
Pinball DreamsLoROMNo
Pinball FantasiesLoROMNo
Pink Goes to HollywoodLoROMNo
Pirates of Dark Water, TheLoROMNo
Pitfall – The Mayan AdventureLoROMNo
Pocky & RockyLoROMNo
Pocky & Rocky 2LoROMNo
Pop'n TwinBeeLoROMYes
Pop'n TwinBee – Rainbow Bell AdventuresLoROMYes
Populous II – Trials of the Olympian GodsLoROMYes
Porky Pig's Haunted HolidayLoROMNo
Power DriveLoROMNo
Power Piggs of the Dark AgeLoROMNo
Power RangersLoROMNo
Power Rangers Zeo – Battle RacersLoROMNo
Power Slide (Proto)LoROMNo
Prehistorik ManLoROMYes
Primal RageHiROMNo
Prince of PersiaLoROMNo
Prince of Persia 2LoROMNo
Putty SquadLoROMNo
Puzzle Bobble – Bust-A-MoveLoROMNo
Race Drivin'LoROMNo
Radical RexLoROMNo
Ranma 1-2HiROMNo
Ren & Stimpy Show, The – Time WarpLoROMNo
Ren & Stimpy Show, The – Veediots!LoROMNo
Revolution XLoROMYes
Rise of the RobotsHiROMNo
Rival TurfLoROMNo
Road Riot 4WDLoROMNo
Road RunnerLoROMNo
RoboCop 3LoROMNo
RoboCop versus The TerminatorLoROMYes
Rock n' Roll RacingLoROMNo
Rocky Rodent (Proto)LoROMNo
Run SaberLoROMNo
S.O.S – Sink or SwimLoROMNo
Samurai ShodownHiROMYes
Sangokushi IIIHiROMNo
Saturday Night Slam MastersHiROMNo
Secret of EvermoreHiROMNo
Secret of ManaHiROMYes
Sensible Soccer – European ChampionsLoROMNo
Shanghai II – Dragon's EyeLoROMNo
Side PocketLoROMNo
SimCity 2000 – The Ultimate City SimulatorHiROMNo
Simpsons, The – Bart's NightmareLoROMNo
Smash Tennis (Beta)LoROMNo
Smash TennisLoROMYes
Smurfs, TheLoROMYes
Smurfs Travel the World, TheLoROMNo
Soccer KidLoROMYes
Soccer ShootoutLoROMYes
Sonic Blast ManLoROMNo
Soul Blazer (Europe)LoROMNo
Soul Blazer (Germany, France)HiROMYes
Space AceLoROMNo
Space InvadersLoROMYes
Spanky's QuestLoROMNo
Speedy Gonzales in Los Gatos Bandidos (Proto)LoROMYes
Spider-Man – Venom – Maximum CarnageLoROMNo
Spider-Man – X-Men – Arcade's RevengeLoROMNo
Spindizzy WorldsLoROMNo
Star Trek – Deep Space Nine – Crossroads of TimeLoROMNo
Star Trek – Starfleet Academy – Starship Bridge SimulatorLoROMNo
Star Trek – The Next Generation – Future's PastLoROMYes
Street CombatLoROMNo
Street Fighter Alpha 2LoROMNo
Street Fighter IILoROMNo
Street Fighter II TurboLoROMNo
Street RacerLoROMNo
Stunt Race FXLoROMYes
Sunset RidersLoROMYes
Super Adventure IslandLoROMNo
Super Adventure Island IIHiROMNo
Super Air DiverHiROMNo
Super AlesteLoROMNo
Super B.C. KidHiROMNo
Super BattleshipLoROMNo
Super Battletank 2LoROMNo
Super BombermanHiROMNo
Super Bomberman 2HiROMNo
Super Bomberman 3HiROMNo
Super Castlevania IVLoROMNo
Super Chase H.Q.LoROMNo
Super ConflictLoROMYes
Super DanyLoROMNo
Super Double DragonLoROMNo
Super Full Metal (Proto)LoROMNo
Super Ghouls'n GhostsLoROMNo
Super Goal!LoROMNo
Super HockeyLoROMNo
Super Ice HockeyHiROMYes
Super International CricketLoROMYes
Super James Pond IILoROMNo
Super Loopz (Proto)HiROM60Hz
Super Mario All-Stars
(and Super Mario World)
Super Mario KartHiROMNo
Super Mario WorldLoROMNo
Super Mario World 2 – Yoshi's IslandLoROMYes
Super MetroidLoROMYes
Super MorphLoROMNo
Super Off RoadLoROMNo
Super PangLoROMNo
Super Pinball – Behind the MaskLoROMYes
Super Probotector – Alien RebelsLoROMNo
Super Punch-Out!!LoROMNo
Super Putty (Beta)LoROMNo
Super PuttyLoROMYes
Super R-TypeLoROMNo
Super Smash T.V.LoROMNo
Super SoccerLoROMNo
Super Solitaire (Proto)LoROMNo
Super Star WarsLoROMNo
Super Star Wars – The Empire Strikes BackLoROMNo
Super Star Wars – Return of the JediLoROMNo
Super Street Fighter II HiROMNo
Super Strike EagleLoROMNo
Super Strike GunnerLoROMNo
Super TennisLoROMNo
Super Troll IslandsLoROMNo
Super TurricanLoROMNo
Super Turrican 2LoROMNo
Super WidgetLoROMNo
T2 – The Arcade GameLoROMNo
Targa (Proto)LoROMNo
Tecmo Super NBA BasketballLoROMNo
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles – Tournament FightersLoROMNo
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles IV – Turtles in TimeLoROMNo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Tournament FightersLoROMNo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IVLoROMNo
Terminator, TheLoROMNo
Terminator 2 – Judgment DayLoROMNo
Tetris & Dr. MarioLoROMYes
Tetris 2LoROMYes
Tetris AttackLoROMYes
Theme ParkLoROMNo
Thomas the Tank Engine & FriendsLoROMNo
Time SlipLoROMNo
Time TraxLoROMNo
Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle GamesHiROMNo
Tinhead (Proto)LoROMNo
Tintin in TibetLoROMYes
Tintin – Prisoners of the SunLoROMYes
Tiny Toon Adventures – Buster Busts Loose!LoROMNo
Tiny Toon Adventures – Wild & Wacky Sports (Beta)LoROMNo
Tiny Toon Adventures – Wild & Wacky SportsLoROMYes
TKO Super Championship BoxingLoROMNo
Todd McFarlane's Spawn – The Video GameHiROMNo
Tom and JerryLoROMNo
Top GearLoROMNo
Top Gear 2LoROMYes
Top Gear 3000LoROMNo
Total CarnageLoROMNo
Total Football (Proto)LoROM60Hz
Toy StoryHiROMNo
Toys – Let the Toy Wars begin!LoROMNo
Troy Aikman NFL FootballLoROMNo
True Golf Classics – Pebble Beach Golf LinksLoROMNo
True LiesLoROMNo
Tuff E NuffLoROMYes
Turbo ToonsLoROMNo
Turn and Burn – No-Fly ZoneLoROMNo
U.N. SquadronLoROMNo
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3HiROMNo
Urban StrikeLoROMNo
Utopia – The Creation of a NationLoROMNo
Val d'Isere ChampionshipLoROMNo
Vegas StakesLoROMNo
Venom – Spider-Man – Separation AnxietyLoROMNo
Virtual BartLoROMNo
Virtual SoccerLoROMNo
Wario's WoodsLoROMNo
Wayne's WorldLoROMNo
We're Back! – A Dinosaur's StoryLoROMNo
Where in the World Is Carmen SandiegoLoROMNo
Wild GunsLoROMNo
Wile E's Revenge (Proto)LoROMNo
Williams Arcade's Greatest HitsLoROMNo
Wing CommanderLoROMNo
Wing Commander – The Secret MissionsLoROMNo
Winter GoldLoROMYes
Winter Olympic Games – Lillehammer '94
(Winter Olympics – Lillehammer '94)
Wolfenstein 3DHiROMYes
Wolverine – Adamantium RageLoROMNo
World Class RugbyLoROMNo
World Cup Striker (Beta)HiROMNo
World Cup StrikerHiROMYes
World Cup USA 94HiROMNo
World HeroesHiROMNo
World League BasketballLoROMNo
World Masters GolfLoROMNo
World SoccerLoROMNo
WWF Super WrestleManiaLoROMNo
WWF Royal RumbleLoROMNo
WWF WrestleMania – The Arcade GameHiROMNo
X-Kaliber 2097LoROMYes
X-Men – Mutant ApocalypseHiROMNo
Yogi Bear's Cartoon CapersLoROMNo
Yoshi's CookieLoROMNo
Yoshi's SafariLoROMYes
Young MerlinLoROMNo
Zero the Kamikaze SquirrelLoROMNo
Zombies (Beta)LoROMNo
Zool – Ninja of the 'Nth' DimensionLoROMNo