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Autor:Author: GhostlyDark

Letztes Update:Last Updated: 2024-05-03

Release: v0.14.0






EMG: Electron Mupen64Plus GUI, ist ein Launcher für Mupen64Plus, welcher auf Electron basiert. Mit dabei sind zahlreiche Plugins, unter anderem: GLideN64, Angrylion Plus, Parallel, GameCube Adapter Input und weitere. EMG unterstützt Cheat Codes, Controller-Konfiguration mit Secondary Bindings und das Einstellen von Plugin-Optionen.

EMG: Electron Mupen64Plus GUI is a launcher for Mupen64Plus using Electron. It comes bundled with numerous plugins, including GLideN64, Angrylion Plus, Parallel, GameCube Adapter Input and more. EMG is capable of launching N64 games with cheats, freely configure controllers with secondary bindings and change plugin options.







Autor:Author: Admentus

Letztes Update:Last Updated: 2024-04-29

Release: v23.4.0






Patcher64+ ist in der Lage Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Super Mario 64, Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros. und weitere Spiele zu patchen. Unterstützt werden sowohl NES, SNES, N64 ROMs und Wii VC WADs. Eine Vielzahl an Anpassungsmöglichkeiten sind verfügbar, besonders für die Zelda-Spiele.

Patcher64+ is capable of patching Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Super Mario 64, Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros. and more games. Supported are NES, SNES, N64 ROM files and Wii VC WADs. A lot of customization options are available, especially for the Zelda titles.




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Need for Speed – Music Decensor



Letztes Update:Last Updated: 2020-05-03

Release: v1.0.0

NFS Music Decensor



Sound Mods zu Need for Speed Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted (2005) und Carbon mit dem Ziel den unzensierten Zustand des Sountracks wiederherzustellen.

Sound mods for Need for Speed Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted (2005) and Carbon that aim to decensor the original game soundtracks.


NFS Underground

  • Andy Hunter - The Wonders Of You
  • Blindside - Swallow
  • Dilated Peoples - Who's Who
  • Element Eighty - Broken Promises
  • FC Kahuna - Glitterball
  • Fluke - Snapshot
  • Fuel - Quarter (Album Version)
  • Hotwire - Invisible
  • Junkie XL - Action Radius
  • Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, Ying Yang Twins - Get Low
  • Lostprophets - To Hell We Ride
  • Overseer - Doomsday (Album Version)
  • Overseer - Supermoves (Album Version)
  • Rancid - Out of Control
  • Rob Zombie - Two-Lane Blacktop
  • Static-X - The Only
  • Story of the Year - And the Hero Will Drown
  • T.I. - 24's
  • The Crystal Method - Born too Slow



NFS Underground 2

  • Capone - I Need Speed
  • Chingy - I Do
  • Christopher Lawrence - Rush Hour
  • Cirrus - Back On a Mission
  • Felix Da Housecat - Rocket Ride (Soulwax Remix)
  • Fluke - Switch / Twitch
  • FREELAND - Mind Killer (Jagz Kooner Remix)
  • Helmet - Crashing Foreign Cars (Album Version)
  • Killing Joke - The Death & Resurrection Show
  • Killradio - Scavenger
  • Ministry - No W
  • Mudvayne - Determined
  • Paul van Dyk - Nothing But You (Cirrus Mix)
  • Queens of the Stone Age - In My Head
  • Rise Against - Give It All
  • Septembre - I Am Weightless
  • Sin - Hard Ebm
  • Skindred - Nobody
  • Sly Boogy - That'z My Name (Tha Clean)
  • Snapcase - Skeptic
  • Snoop Dogg featuring The Doors - Riders On the Storm (Fredwreck Remix)
  • Sonic Animation - E-Ville
  • Spiderbait - Black Betty
  • Terror Squad, Fat Joe, Remy Ma - Lean Back
  • The Bronx - Notice of Eviction
  • Unwritten Law - Celebration Song
  • Xzibit - LAX



NFS Most Wanted

  • Bullet for My Valentine - Hand Of Blood
  • Celldweller - One Good Reason (Instrumental)
  • Celldweller, Styles of Beyond - Shapeshifter (feat. Styles Of Beyond)
  • Dieselboy + Kaos - Barrier Break
  • Disturbed - Decadence
  • Evol Intent, Mayhem, Thinktank - Broken Sword
  • Hush - Fired Up
  • Hyper - We Control
  • Ils - Feed The Addiction
  • Juvenile - Sets Go Up
  • Mastodon - Blood and Thunder
  • P$C, Young Dro - Do Ya Thing (feat. Young Dro)
  • Rock - I Am Rock
  • Static-X - Skinnyman
  • Stratus - You Must Follow (Evol Intent Remix)
  • Styles of Beyond - Nine Thou (Grant Mohrman Superstars Remix)
  • Suni Clay - My Hood (Full Mix)
  • The Prodigy - You'll Be Under My Wheels



NFS Carbon

  • Lady Sovereign - Love Me Or Hate Me






Ghosts'n Demons (v1.8.0)






Grand Theft Auto





Grand Theft Auto 2





Mari0 (v1.6)






Mario Forever (v2.16)





Super Mario Blue Twilight DX (v1.04.1)





Super Mario Bros. X (v1.3.0.1)





Secret Maryo Chronicles (v1.9)






Super Mario War (v1.8b2)





Mega Man – Christmas Carol Remix (v1.2.9a)






Mega Man – Christmas Carol 2 (v2.1.2a)






Mega Man Revolution (v8.7.5)






Mega Man Rock Force (2015-04-18)





Mega Man Unlimited (v1.3.1)






Rockman 7 Famicom





Rockman 8 Famicom (v3.13b)






Street Fighter X Mega Man (v2 EU)






SuperTux (v0.6.3)






TMNT & Battletoads





Zelda Classic (v2.53)








Turok 2: Seeds of Evil – Music Patch (v2.1)


Dieser Patch behebt diverse Probleme (Hintergrundmusik spielt nicht ab, unsichtbare Gegner, Abstürze...) mit neueren Versionen von Windows (ab Vista). Die Dateien müssen in das Installationsverzeichnis des Spiels (für gewöhnlich: C:\Program Files (x86)\Acclaim Entertainment\Turok 2) kopiert werden. Nicht für das Remaster!

Fixes a lot of issues that occur on modern Windows versions (Vista and newer), like missing background music, invisible enemies and crashes. Copy the files into the install directory of the game (usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\Acclaim Entertainment\Turok 2). Not for the Remaster!